14th August: an independence day

14th August is just an ordinary date of the English calendar for all the other nation of the world but in the history of Pakistan this day is the most remarkable day. According to English calendar Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947, while it was 27th of Ramdan, according to Islamic calendar, this day also have religious importance, as the revelation of the Holy Quran also finished in this month on Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Pakistan is the combination of two words “pak” means Pious and “stan” means homeland so, Pakistan means homeland of pious people.

In the history of Pakistan the name of some great hero’s i-e Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and sir sayeed Ahmad khan are written in golden words. The real founder of Pakistan is Quaid-e- Azam , Alama Iqbal is the one who energized Muslims for the separate homeland and earn their name in the world. Sir syed Ahmad Khan took Muslims nation forward and founded schools and colleges for Muslims so; they understand how to meet the newest demands of the developed age. Pakistan came into being after scarifies of thousands Muslims, many mothers lost their children, sisters lost their young brothers and many innocent daughters lost their fathers and many women lost their respect.

So, 14th August has a great importance in the history of Pakistan and it is celebrated every year with great preparation as an independence day of Pakistan. This day is celebrated to show our happiness of being independent and thanks to ALLAH for giving us a separate homeland where we can spend our lives according to the teaching of Islam, and also show to other nations our individuality. This separate homeland is achieved to spend our lives according to the teaching of Islam. So, this day has a great importance in the culture of Pakistan and is celebrated throughout the country.

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