Sindhi Culture Day

Sindh has a very rich history, language and culture; Sindhi people are hospitable, friendly and warm. Sindhis keep their culture above all and celebrate its different festivals. In Sindh, Sindhi cultural day is celebrated on 4th of December. Some intellectual people a few years back imagine and then turn it into reality since then this festival has been celebrated and become as an annual attribute in Sindh. Earlier this festival was referred as “Sindhi topi day” but later on it was converted into “Sindhi culture day”. This festival begins by lit up candles, prayers for the everlasting peace, prosperity and progress for the Sindh and Pakistan. Folk dances, cultural walk, a series of lectures, mystic songs and late night events are organized by the host of media, social and cultural organization. Different types of family activities are also arranged.

Different documentaries on the making of ajrak and caps and some other cultural stuff are also shown to the audience. The main objective of this festival is to endorse and revive Sindhi culture. This is also the best time for the rural areas handicrafts to show and develop their business, sell and export their products. Every year this festival is celebrated with great preparation in Sindh and people also take active part in these celeberations.