Adopt fashion according to culture

This is an age of fashion. Every thing that glitters and attracts the people’s minds has become the fashion of the day. The print and electronic media have also played a role to spread awareness among the people regarding every up coming fashion. In Pakistan people have their own ways to adopt fashion. Being a part of Muslim country Pakistanis cannot adopt any fashion blindly rather they alternate the western designs and styles of every fashion according to their values and culture.

Fashion moves like a windstorm but everyone try to adopt fashion that is related to their culture.  One thing which is popular today might be out of date tomorrow. People have become very much conscience about adopting every new fashion. Almost all the new design in shoes, dresses, jewellery starts its travel from Karachi being the largest city of Pakistan later it moves toward Lahore and then other cities respectively. Fashion is something which is up to date and a source of attraction for the people at a specific time on a particular place but Pakistani always adopt fashion by keeping in mind their cultural values. . In Pakistan, though the national dress of the nation of Shalwaar Kameez, but the style and designs of traditional shalwaar kameez are keep on changing with the passage of time. Sometimes, long shirts with baggy trousers become the fashion of the day while some other time Kurtas and Choori Dar Pajama are in fashion. Males also adopt fashion according to the culture and society of Pakistan.  In Islam men are not allowed to wear the glittering colors or silk clothes so the most of the men in Pakistan wear the masculine colors which are light and mostly in cotton stuff. In shoes fashion keeps on changing. Men wear close shoes but on different festivals like Eid, Marriage, etc Chappals and Sandals are also in fashion. In short it can be said that fashion influences the minds of the people and they adopt it by bringing slight changes into it to make it compatible with their social and cultural values.