Ajrak- a traditional wear:

A unique type of block print shawls is named as “Ajrak”. Ajrak shows special and unique designs and styles printed by using different stamps for block printing. The basic colors used in these ajrak prints are black, red, yellow and blue. This old artwork is created from the vegetables dyes with block prints navy blue color with maroon background. Ajark is the symbol of prestige and honor. The making of ajark consists of different steps starting from the cotton cloth, the bleached in a very rural and ancient way by using camel manure. This cotton cloth is dyes in a traditional way in blue or maroon colors than printed with wooden blocks to place different pattern on the cloths. Sometime embroidery flowers are also added to increase the beauty and value of these ajraks. And also add some beads and sequined work to make it more festive.

Ajrak is the most important part of sindhi culture. It is used in all stages of society, and is considered as a cloth of high respect. In the Sindhi culture ajraks are also presented as gifts to the special guests as an honor and mostly used on traditional festivals like wedding. Most of the politicians in Pakistan from Sindh use ajrak like former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is from Sindh regularly used ajrak.  Ajrak is also the traditional wear of Pakistan province Sindh and is also the sign of their Identification people use these ajrak and also make their style statement. Sindhi people are very hospitable and loving.