All Time Favorite—-Pakistani Style Corn on the Cob

Remember  days of childhood when the vendor’s cry of “Challi” sent all of us running out of our homes to get that fresh,hot and spicy corn on the cob? Or the challi wala just outside  the college gates drowned in the crowd of students all let loose when the classes were over? That sound is too tempting to ignore even now.

Corn on the cob is a really healthy and nutritious food. With only 83 calories for one serving, it is an ideal choice for diet. Busy with shopping and feeling hungry? No problem; just grab a corn on the cob and feel satiated. Workers take a break to garb a challi and skip their meal. But more amazing is the fact that it is available so easily in Pakistan and that too in a variety of ways.

The most common and the mouth watering cob on the corn is when it is cooked in hot sand. Sand is heated in a large wok. Extremely hot sand is then shifted in an insulated box on a movable cart and then raw cobs are put in it. Hot sand slowly cooks them thoroughly, while the vendor keeps on moving from place to place. When served, a mix of salt and red chilli powder is applied with a lemon. And does that taste good!

Another way used specially in hilly areas is by roasting the cobs directly on burning coal. This also tastes great but the cob changes its color due to roasting. Sometimes corn grains are also roasted in a wok filled with salt and sand over burning coals and served hot in paper bags.

Sometimes people boil the cobs in salted water in their homes. It also tastes nice but the taste of sand cooked or roasted corn on the cob is unbeatable.

The wonderful thing about Pakistani style corn on the cob is that it is available most part of the year, found nearly all around the country and quite inexpensive,too.Corn is mostly produced in Khyber PakhtoonKhwa, but can be easily supplied throughout the country as it does not spoil easily.