Art and craft of Pakistan

Art and Craft

Every specific region has its own wealth of cultural art and crafts, which represent the skill, taste and devotion of the people for their region. Pakistan is a country rich in the endless wealth of culture. The art and craft is the major element of Pakistani culture. In the ancient time, the cultural art and crafts were the only source of earning livelihood for the people of different areas of Pakistan. These crafts were heritable and delivered over from one generation to the next one and so on, with the passage of time; the crafts had access to bigger markets in Pakistan and even all over the world and became the profitable and very famous trades of Pakistan. Now the art and crafts are very well known for their unique cultural significance I all over the world.

Different areas of Pakistan have unique specialization and expertise in various art and crafts. These arts and crafts are supplied from one region to other and in all over the Pakistan and even export out of Pakistan. Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan according to the population. There are many famous cities in Punjab, Rawalpindi, Islamabad (capital of Pakistan), Gujranwala, Gujarat, Wazirabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad and most popular city is Lahore. Lahore is known as the heart of Punjab.

All these cities have their own specialty in art and crafts. Gujranwala and Gujarat are very famous for the clay pottery and fans industry. Wazirabad is very well known for the knives and spoon industry. Sialkot is very popular for the surgical and sports industry. Our national poet Allama Iqbal was born in Sialkot. Lahore is famous for the historical places, brass items and special Pakistan cuisine. Faisalabad specializes in cotton and hand woven fabrics. It is owing to the skill and hard work to our people that these arts and crafts have been preserved over the years.