Balochi embroidery- A Traditional art

Balochi Emroidery

Balochistan has very rich culture of arts and crafts and the most important art work of Balochi women is their handmade embroidery. This is also the best way of earning by staying at home. These handmade embroidery designs are very unique and exclusive and are created from different colors schemes that increase the charm of these designs. These designs are made on waists coats, shawls, dresses, caps, floors and sofa cushions and wall panels. Small round mirrors are used in the embroidery designs that make these designs wonderful and unique among all the other styles of embroidery. The most important and interesting thing about these designs and embroidery is that they are very much adopted and can never be old.

balochi embroidery

The old designs of the embroidery are blend with the modern designs and now look more trendy and fashionable. It looks very amazing when traditional embroidery combine with modern style. These Balochi embroidered wall panels are very charming and provide an artistic look to your home. Sofa and floors cushions are also very fascinating and also grab the attention of the people. These cushions are very great and are made by combining different colors that cannot be ignored by anyone.

This is the part of our culture so it needs to be valued and is also our identity so it needs to be kept alive. It requires a lot of time and hard work so it cannot be kept alive without strong support and good appreciation. At present fast lives it is difficult to keep alive but proper support can make it active throughout the life.