Balochistan is one of the provinces of Pakistan. It is the largest province of Pakistan with reference to its size but it has the least population as compared to the other provinces of Pakistan.

In Balochistan, balochi language is spoken by most of the population. Balochis are really famous for their hard working nature and bravery. The importance of Balochistan for the development of Pakistan has been double due to mega project on Gwadar port. This port will work as a bridge between the central Asian states and other surrounding countries. In Balochistan there are a lot of minerals which are mostly unexplored but the government is working on the projects to dig these minerals out. In Balochistan from Sui the country’s largest Sui Gas resources are being used and the gas is being supplied through pipe lines to almost all parts of Pakistan. the dress code of Balochistan is that they wear frock type of shirt with waist coat on it and baggy trousers. Women also like to wear heavy jewellary and they wear long frock type of shirts.

In Balochistan, the folk music is very popular and songs sung in Balochi language are really loved by the native people of Balochistan.

The weather in Balochistan is really extreme. In summers, it becomes extreme hot. The areas like Sibbi and Jacobabad are considered to be the hottest part of the Pakistan. In winters, snow covers the whole plateau. Balochis are generous and hospitable towards each other as far their eating habits are concerned, the Balochis do not eat much spices and they do not eat too much oily food. No doubt, Balochistan is one of the provinces in Pakistan that has her own cultural strength.