Baluchi traditional dresses

Balochi cultur is very well-known for its traditional dresses, like Bugti Shalwar, and Kameez, shawls, differ balochi traditional shoes and traditional caps. All these items are handmade and show a rich and beautiful culture of Baluchistan. It is the tradition of Baluchi culture that women of the families are doing embroidery on dresses and shawls at home. When they completed then these items are sold in the big market. It is also a mean of their income, the price of the best shawl is about 2000 PKR which is about 25 dollars.

Baloch’ tribal dress is Bugti Shalwar and Kamiz, all the Baluchi people are use to wear this dress. Bugti is the also a name of a tribe in Baluchistan.a large amount of fabric is required for this traditional dress, in contrast to an ordinary kamez and shlawar of Pakistan. A big turban on the head is also very common in Balochi culture.

Baluchi cap is also one of the main parts of their tradition; mostly rich people even match the color of their cap with their clothes. Cap is decorated with beautiful embroidery and small pieces of glasses. The other most interesting traditional costume which mostly baluchi men wear is their baluchi shoes, these shoes are in different colors and designs and are very beautiful and comfortable. In Quetta there is a very big market for these baluchi traditional shoes.

There are also different varieties in baluchi culture. The sole of these shoes are made from tyre, rubber and some shoe’s sole are made from sheep’s leather. They are very strong and are best to wear for the walk on the hard grounds and mountains

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  2. Mohammad Jawad // December 11, 2012 at 9:27 am //

    Dear Sir,

    i am looking for traders and markets for the Balochi traditional clothes. i have been working with an international development organization in AFghanistan, and we are trying to improve the livelihoods of the rural people through different market oriented approach. lastly we found out that Balochi has very good demand in the area that we working and we have trained around 500 women in stitching balochi clothes.
    we want to know that if there is a potential traders who can come here and make a contract with women here, so this will be very great business for them and as well will be great income generation for the women beneficiaries.

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