Bangles- traditional jewelry item

Bangles are the type of jewelry that every women like to worn in Pakistan and it is most likely by the women in villages they considered themselves as incomplete without bangles or churian. Bangles or chrian are in different designs, styles and are the symbol of happiness and matrimony. Bangles are of gold, silver, plastic and glass. Bangles or churian are very famous everywhere and with the changing trends and fashion they are now available in different designs and are of different colors that everyone can match them with their dresses and can enhance the charm of their dress.

In Pakistan bangles and churian are wore on the occasion of happiness like wedding, eid, any other festival. Bangles are now available in different shapes like rectangular, round, oval and etc. women can use one or two and more than it a full set of bangles on their both hands. In villages women and girls wore churina on their both hands and considered it as the part of their culture. Hyderabadi bangles are very much popular all over the Pakistan, with their beautiful chan chan. Hyderabadi bangles are very beautiful and are in different and unique designs.

People from Hyderabad are enjoying these beautiful designs and increase the charm of their personality, bangles from Hydarabad are also exported to different areas and people ask for these bangles on request the demand of these bangles are increasing day by day.

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