BASANT-colorful festival

Previously kites were usually used to communicate in terms of signals and measure the distance of enemy camps in early 100 BC to AD 500. Kites were previously known as Shiroshi a.k.a paper bird by Japanese people in AD 930.It is said that ninth day of the ninth month was a day when kites were first set into the sky to banish evil. In china kite flying was considered as popular sport.

Nowadays this trend is widely followed in Pakistan and India. People in Pakistan fly kites in an open area or from there rooftops and terraces. Kite flying is done with great enthusiasm in the old city of Lahore where people where yellow clothes and fly colorful kites and have specified a particular day to celebrate kite flying festival also known as basant. The interesting thing about basant is that people compete by cutting each other’s kite. Kites are usually found in different size n shapes with lots of colors. Kites mostly attract young people such as children and people around age 16-28.

This festival attracts many tourists from different areas seeking a chance to manifest our culture. They are greeted by colorful gates at entries such as the airport, railway station. The Ravi Bridge, minar-e-Pakistan and other specific areas are also involved in greeting the tourists warmly.  Public centers such as the famous food street, gulberg Main Boulevard, and Liberty Street are also decorated in connection with basant festival. The main event to look forward to in this amazing festival is the annual Lahore parade held at Qadafi stadium in which floats prepared by different groups are represented. In this festival people wear different Punjabi dresses and folk songs are played all along the parade. This parade concludes at Jilani Park, ending with musical programs. Basant is clearly a festival one should look forward to.