BASANT- colors of spring

Basant festival

BASANT is one of the seasonal festival in Pakistan .It is celebrated in the mid of January or the end of February .This is the festival of kites and is celebrated at the start of spring season. In Pakistan basant festival is also know as Jashn -e -Baharan. It is celebrated in almost all the cities of Pakistan but Lahore is known as the centre of the celebrations .People from all over the Pakistan go to Lahore to enjoy basant in its true colors.

Basant is a very colorful festival in which people wear new colorful dresses most probably in yellow and green color because these colors are considered to be the colors of spring. Everywhere people are seemed to wear elegant and glittering colors.

The basant festival is basically originated from India but now has become the part of Pakistani culture as well. In Pakistan almost all the pop singers have sung the beautiful bhangra songs with special mention of kites and basant festival at large.

Kites complete eneregy

The basant is celebrated when it is the time for flowers to bloom. On basant day the kites flying competitions are held with loud bhangra music. Basant is also celebrated in the cities like Bahawalpur, Multan, Jhelum and Sargodha etc.

In last recent years basant has become one of the favorite festivals of Pakistanis and when it comes people not only from different parts of Pakistan rather from abroad come to Lahore just to become the part of these celebrations.

The colors of spring are celebrated by the lively people of Pakistan with full zeal and zest…The busy and hectic life of the modern day people keep them all aloof from any type of fun activities but such festivals like basant blows a new life into the dead hearts and the colors of spring can easily be seen at the faces of people in Pakistan.