Basant Festival

In Pakistan Basant festival is also celebrated with its full swing. For this festival Lahore is the heart for the entertainment and other activities of Basant. In the start the Basant festival was celebrated in the exterior of the city so, it gained more attention and became the most important festival of the city. Apart from Lahore there are some other cities like Faisalabad, Jhelum, Gujranwalan, Kasur, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Sialkot in these cities Basant is also celebrated with great preparation and attraction. In this festival people wear yellow dresses prepared different dishes for eating, people arranged functions at their houses roof and invite their relatives, friends to celebrate this evening.

Though this festival is celebrated all over the Pakistan but the preparation for this festival in Lahore is amazing and is remarkable that is why Lahore is famous for this festival.  Many top celebrities also take part in the Basant festival and went to Lahore to celebrate this evening. From india and other countries opeople apecially came to acelebrate Basant festival in Lahore. The festival festivities and the colors of the spring invite you to come, cherish and enjoy the delightful colors and preparation of the festival.

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