Basant! The Festival of Colors


In the start of March; a festival is organized to warmly welcome spring known as Basant. The main attraction of this festival is kite flying for both Kids and adults. This festival is celebrated in various cities of province Punjab and few cities of other provinces also. It would be wrong if said that flying is a Hindu traditional sport, because it was originated from China.

In many cities of Pakitan, where there are building and plazas have taken the place of open air grounds, terrace and roofs are used for kite flying competitions. A large number of people celebrate this festival very warm heartedly as other traditional and religious festivals are celebrated.

Basant festival is likely to be more colorful in the city Lahore.  In Lahore people use yellow color in their dressing. On Basant people from all over Pakistan and a large number of tourists rush toward Lahore to see the Colorful sky of Lahore, where kite flying starts with the rising sun and continues till the sun set. Friends and family members shout Bo kata when their kite string cuts another.


There are different shapes of kites and every shape requires specific flying skills too. Even, too huge that they require help of another person to fly. Sharp glass powder coated string is prepared specially to cut the others kites in kite competitions. Food Street and hotels are decorated according to the colorful festival.
People get together at Jilani Park and Minar e Pakistan in large number to feel the spirit of the festival.

Musical concerts are organized at various points of city, which increase Publics interest in the Basant Festival ,  In addition different types  of sweets are prepared and Bar B.Q arrangements are made on the terraces and  roofs to increase the joys of the Basant festival.