Bassant festival in Pakistan

Basant is initially celebrated as a farewell to the winter season and to welcome the spring season. With passing years this festival has become a cultural festival ofPakistanand is celebrated in almost all cities ofPakistan.Lahoreis the center of this festival and is celebrating in a big way. People from all around the country and even from different parts of world every year visitPakistanand especiallyLahoreto enjoy this traditional festival. This is basically kite flying festival and all Pakistani people celebrating it with full excitement. The festival is celebrating on different dates in different cities likeLahorein the month of February,Islamabadin March, with full enthusiasm and arrangements.

Girls wear colorful dress especially yellow and orange and boys perform bhangra dance on the beat of dhole. The festival is starting at night and then continues to the next day. For Basant night people arrange flood lights on the roofs of their houses, and usually flying yellow and white kites. It is a spectacular scene, that the whole sky is covered with white and yellow kite. In the day people use to fly different colors kites and the sky looks like a rainbow of colors.

At this conventional festival, Pakistani people arrange some traditional foods like chicken Karahi, Tikka, Seekh kabab, Buffee and other traditional foods and drinks like green tea. People from different parts of country and world are coming to enjoy this fascinating festival and as a result booking in hotels start from a month ago. There are special shows and other fares are arranged for that special day. Every one regardless the age limit is enjoying this traditional festival. People give special invitations to their relatives to visit them on that day and they all make a fun and enjoyment together.

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