Besakhi Mela

Besakh is one of the months in Punjabi calendar. This is the month when the season of harvesting starts. The besakh Mela is a typical of Punjabi culture. It represents colors of Punjabi society on a great land. When the wheat fields are ready to be cut down it is a time of great happiness and pleasure for the farmers as it the time when they get reward of their all the hard work. They had been putting in. In these gala days in Punjab the “besakhi Mela “is celebrated.

Mostly this festival is celebrated in Punjab villages. On this occasion people distribute sweets among each other, Punjabi songs are sung and tasty meals are made. Punjabis are also famous for their Bahangra and none of their festival is complete without it. On Besakh Mela they do bhangra on Punjabi music while the women sing Punjabi songs.

This event tough celebrated in Punjab only but is so much colorful and attractive that almost people living in all parts of Pakistan know about it.

On Besakh Mela there are swings and lot of eatables for children. Women also find bangles and the jewellary in the fair. The special drink of Punjabis is “Lassi” which is served to the guests and the happiness of the Punjabi can be seen on their faces. The whole Punjab seems to celebrate the festival. Farmers dance and the drum beating are echoed. All over Dhol or drum beating is an integral part of Punjabi culture. Men do bhangra on drum’s rhythm and women do “Luddi or Gidha” that is another form of traditional dance. In short it can be rightly claimed that celebration of Besaki Mela are worth seeing and enjoying. It is one of the most ancient ad celebrated festival in Punjab.