Bhangra Music and Costume


Bhangra is a popular dance form in Punjab and is the part of every happy occasion mostly cultural festivals. Girls and boys prepare special bangras for wedding ceremonies and other occasions. Bhangra music is very live and its lyrics are always in Punjabi Language, commonly based on social issues like, relationship, love, dance, alcohol and marriages. There are a large collection of Bhangra songs which are devoted to Punjabi heroes and themes. Its lyrics seems like a rich tribute to Punjabis. Some of the Punjabi Bhangra is based on women beauty, their colorful duppatas making them queens of heart show casing a traditional view of drinking and dancing in fields around their man.

Bhangra singers usually sing in different tone as compare to other singers. They employ a high pitched voice, energetic tone and more liveliness to the voice. Similarly many people adds yell phrases while doing bhangra dance such as “bale bale”, aye Haye” and “hey Aripa” along with music.  Dhool is the major part of bhangra music and drummer play it in different styles.

For bhangra men usually wear traditional lungi, basically lungi is a bright colorful piece of cloth which is wrapped around the waist. With lungi men wears kurta which comprises of a long Punjabi design shirt. For covering heads they also wear a colorful turbin or Kula. On the other hand women wear the traditional Punjabi dress consisting of shalwar kameez and dupata. Kameez can be long or short but shawalr is mostly a baggy, colorful patyala type.