Bhangra Dance

Bhangra has become an integral part of Punjab culture. The cultural study of Pakistan cannot be completed without discussing a special type of dance which is originated from Punjab, one of the most dense populated province of Pakistan.

Bhangra is a very lively type of dance though originated from Punjab is now well known to almost people living in any part of Pakistan. The concept of bhangra cannot be understood without discussing the role of “Dhol” or drum beating which makes bhangra more lively and enjoyable dance.

A drum beater holds a “Dhol” in his hands and beats it with two sticks in a rhythm and the people dance around in their own ways.

In villages mostly villagers do bhangra when they successfully complete the harvesting but in cities bhangra has become a symbol of happiness and on different occasions like marriage or a birth of new child people do bhangra to express their happiness.

Bhangra has become a cultural inheritance of Punjabis, bhangra songs are also sung by many pop singers and they are really loved by the masses.

Bhangra Dance

It is interesting to know that bhangra though originated from Punjab is equally popular among the non Punjabi communities. On bhangra it is not only men who dance but ladies also have their own style and steps of doing it. But bhangra is such a lively dance followed by a fast beat music that it demands from people to wear elegant and glittery colored dresses. Both the men and women wear bright color dresses while performing a traditional bhangra dance. In villages mostly men wear lungi and shirt when they dance on harvesting festival while women’s dance is known as “Gidha” in which they wear elegant clothes and mostly on marriage ceremonies they perform it with elegant and bright colored “Shalwaar Kameez” and a “Paranda” in hair.

The popularity of bhangra in all over the Pakistan shows the integrity and unity among all the provinces of Pakistan that they accept the good things of each others,s culture with open heart and generosity.