Boroghil festival is usually held in between July 15 and 17 at Boroghil plateau, which is famous plateau for its wonderful location at the settlement is called Shuwor Sheer. Shuwor Sheer lies at the joint of glacier known as Chianter, the Zaindikharam. The well-known features of this festival are that various events took place like for example polo, horse race and some traditional music in evening. The events polo and yak race took place only in this part of world. This festival is a wonderful opportunity to exchange chitchats and gossips. It’s a wonderful occasion for the get together of relatives and for marriages events. It’s also a stopover for the migratory birds from Russia and central Asia. The core objective of this festival is to create income earning opportunity for the people living there and by attracting tourists in addition that they can protect the native culture.

It’s a beautiful place that can capture a beautiful picture for visiting because of its location. Mountains, glaciers, greenery, waterfalls, meadows hidden lakes all can be found in this area which also attracts lots of tourists they are also able to witness this festival which helps the tourists to also understand the culture of Pakistan. This festival is considered and recognized as a colorful culture of wakhi community in addition for photographic opportunity or for yak riding.

This festival is a collection of sporting events and cultural events, in sports we can witness free style polo, yak race, tug of war, and mountain marathon and for cultural events we can witness some central Asian violin food festival, wakhi folkdances and exhibition of wakhi handicrafts. People all around the world come to see this beautiful event and enjoy the location beauty, it’s a great place to visit and attend this festival where there is no smoke pollution no noise pollution it’s a peaceful and eye relaxing view for a viewer.