Brass handicrafts in Pakistan

On hard metals like brass the hand monuments are very difficult because just one small mistake will ruin the whole piece of handicrafts. But fortunately in Pakistan such mistakes are rare to happen because these experts, artists and metal crafter are much trained and expert because they did it from their childhood. These metal craft experts can make different and unique designs on these brass potteries in a very mechanical way. The centre of the brass products is in India subcontinent and this industry is still growing in India. Through the entire history the city Moradabad in UP is very famous for brass made products. From there the Muslims artist migrated to Pakistan and this is the way how Pakistani brass handicrafts are created.

Most of the brass making handicrafts is mostly residing in the Multan city in Southern Punjab. In Pakistan this city is still considered as the hub of brass made products. In Pakistan there is not a great appreciation and demand for brass products. This is the reason why Pakistani handicrafts are usually created and exported, and there is great demand of these products in the international market. The hot weather, low income in Pakistan is may be the factors that this industry are not in high demand so they export this brass manufactured handicrafts and improve their economy.

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