Came skin handicrafts

Pakistan has not only four weathers but also blessed with four land topologies. Only few countries have coastal lines to deserts, glaciers and frozen mountains apart from plain lands and Pakistan is one of these countries. Pakistan is the land of seven highest mountains also has the world’s second tallest mountain k-2 in Karakoram Range in Himalayas. On the South Easter border of India Rajasthan Pakistan has the world’s driest desert called Cholistan. There is no road access to this remote area of Pakistan. The only way is to get there is through camels.

The inhabitant of desert makes another very important use of their beloved camels when they died.  They use these camels skin in making very unique and exclusive handicrafts. Up till now no other country can produce such beautiful products from the camel skin besides Pakistan. These camels’ bones and skin can be used after special process that is possible only in the less humid and hot environment of Cholistan desert. For camel skin processing no dying tanneries and no leather processing are available. These camel skin handicrafts have a great appeal as all the procedure is done by hands. It includes skin dying to hand painting even a small wrong step will destroy the work of the whole team. The most demanding one are the lamps made from camel skin and the most surprizing and intresting thing is that these handicrafts are not as much expensive.