Chappli Kebabs—Trademark of Khyber PakhtoonKhwa

Every place has its own charms. Its people, food and scenery all play their part to cast a spell on you. Pakistan has many such places that are famous for many things. Khyber PakhtoonKhwa is famous for many reasons; green tea, brass items, namkeen tikkay etc but if you ever visit Khyber PakhtoonKhwa, don’t fail to taste its trademark dish—-Chappli kebabs. Though chappli kebabs can be found all over in Pakistan,yet somehow they taste best in Kyber PakhtoonKhwa.

The people of KPK are meat lovers. Bar-b-que, karahi and Chappli kebabs are some of their favorites. All over the KPK, there are special eateries that serve only Chappli kebabs, yet each is slightly different in taste from the other. The competitors fiercely guard their trade secret recipes. Owners of the eateries have their own fan following. People wait in long queues for the Chappli Kebabs of the more well known eateries. These eateries are open till late night. Unlike kehwa khana, people bring their families as well to eat these kebabs. Some eateries are well known for take away only while others offer places to sit, eat and enjoy as well as take away. Some of the famous Chappli Kebab houses of Peshawar are Jalil, Charsi and Toray. Many people of KPK have moved to other cities in Pakistan and opened their eateries there, but still the taste is never the same. Probably like the scent, the taste of Chappli Kebabs is in the air of KPK.

Chappli kebabs are made basically with mince meat, spices, onions, eggs and tomatoes. The difference in taste is due to the difference of spice usage. Once the order is placed, the mixture is  given the shape of Chappli kebabs and then deep fried. Instead of number of kebabs, the order is placed in terms of weight. Usually 1 Kg of meat yields only 3-4 Chappli kebabs. However, you can request for smaller size as well. It tastes best when served hot with naan. It is accompanied by fresh salad comprising of onions, tomatoes and green chilli and raita. Like all food in KPK, it is followed by green tea.