Chicks- Beautiful Artwork

Traditional Art- chicks

Pakistan has very diverse culture there are different colors and festivities which are celebrated with great zeal and zest. Pakistan has made its name internationally for its handmade products and these handicrafts are displayed in the international exhibition, there is a great demand for these handmade products internationally. This is also the best way of promoting our culture and creating awareness about Pakistani culture among our own Pakistianis and also in other people. Different items are produced in handicrafts chick is one of them and is very historical art work in Pakistan. Initially it was just limited to small villages where these chicks were used in the houses for privacy, now this art move to cities and get to an elite class level and also now reached internationally.

Chicks are now culturally used in houses of the middle class and elite class people in Pakistan. They provide very charming but still very traditional look to your houses. There is not an organized way of exporting them abroad but the only contact is through the tourist and Pakistani people living abroad who take these art work abroad either as a gift for their friends living there or for the t=beautification of their own homes and to give their houses a traditional Pakistani look and having the feeling of home country even living abroad.


These artisans have fixed monthly income and the owner takes their profit. Due to the increasing demand most of the artisans move toward big cities in the urge of earning handsome income. These chicks are now in different styles and designs even these chicks are given the modern blinds look and are used in the high end offices. There are different verities and designs which can be used in both homes and office for keeping the sun rays away and also for decoration purposes.  This work is also very time consuming and require hard work.