Chicks-traditional curtains in Pakistan

Another very outstanding and unique art work of Pakistani cultural artisan is “Chick art”. These chicks are very famous as curtains prepared from wood or bamboo. This art is originally originated in village Rasul Nagar and Kasur. In the early ages artists made these chicks very simple and were used as curtains in homes and were very cheap, it is also the easiest way of protection of the homes from the warmth of the sun in summer. Traditionally these chicks are also used to keep one’s privacy. That was the time when people residing in villages and made these chicks and then also sell and used in their homes.

At that time homes were not constructed properly and these chicks were used as wall or boundary that makes their veil for keeping their privacy. But now the trend of making these simple chicks has been greatly changed. This change is not only in making but the usage of these chicks has also been changed, its like the entire paradigm has been shifted. In the modern times chicks are like a masterpiece of art work, now they are made with great innovation and creativity even they are not just a simple piece used in villages they are also appreciated and used in cities for both decoration purpose and as a curtains.

They are used as a fashion accessory, trendy and something ornamental that is for the beautification of your homes. These chicks are mainly made from bamboo, wood, glue, threads of “Pasham” sticks and some other decorative purposes like beads, laces, and mirror pieces. The main object wood generally comes from Lahore. Chick art also needs creativity but now in Pakistan chicks are available in very unique and different styles and designs and are very famous all over the world.