Kalash valley is found in Chitral, Pakistan and is considered to be one of the oldest valleys of Pakistan. They used to speak primeval Greek lingo. Still, Chitrali people like all other people from various regions of Pakistan celebrate and live their own culture and custom. It is a sort of spring festival that is held for more or less four days in the mid of May, particularly on 13th to 16th of May, every year. Actually, it is a part of Kalash Festival which is comprised of 5 separate events. Joshi or Chilim jusht is one among them.

A purpose of celebrating CHILIM JUSHT or JOSHI festival in Spring is that it is the season of cultivation and harvesting, and their cattle also get plenty of fodder in this season. It is started by the plucking of preliminary flowering by Kalash girls. With these flowers, women decorate their homes and valley. This event is characterized by the folk dancing, singing folk music and swap over of cuisine, dairy products, flowers; home mauve etc.

Women of Chitral valley wear their customary black dressing gowns; flamboyant cowries crusted top garbs and titivated with tinted chokers. Men also join them and they used to dance in a circle. Dancing can be of both sorts; bachelor men & women can dance, and the couple can also dance in a freer manner. The head of tribe use to describe the old days tales about the traditional and customary events.

Joshi is celebrated as a religious perceptive too because it is believe of the local area residents that in this way they could ask God for His blessing for the betterment of their cultivations, protection of cattle and steers. Goats are also sacrificed to God. They have believed in many gods and goddess, and they seek blessings from all of them. One can really enjoy visiting Kalash valley and to be a part of famous Joshi festival.