Chinioti Furniture- Pakistan’s Pride

Chiniot is the ancient city of the world and is known for the tremendous furniture work all over the world. Chiniot is among the famous cities and it is mentioned with its different attributes in Rag- Veda the holy book of Hinduism. No doubt, Chiniot is best in other deeds as well but one of the remarkable qualities is its furniture work which is not only loved locally but got international fame some two hundred years ago as it took birth in Chiniot. It is the very first time when carving on wooden furniture was started, with the passage of times it grows and now it contains various elegant type of designs on furniture, embossing, carving, painting and wooden inlay etc.

These wooden carving gets flourished not only in Chiniot but also get started in other countries worldwide. It’s become like a tradition to visit Chiniot and purchase furniture especially before marriages. The English people also love to visit Chiniot and they used to take carved furniture to England and other countries. These wooden emblems of Pakistani culture are used as gifts, English bosses used to send these wooden furniture’s to other countries to strengthen their friendship. It not only helps them but, also helps Pakistan in promoting their expertise across the borders.

The skills of Chinioti’s carpenters came into limelight in II world war, when there was too much unemployment in sub-continent and freedom movement was at its peak. Chinioti people had to go to Multan (Pakistan) and Calcutta (India), as Multan was famous for landlords and rich people. Landlords used ritzy Bagghies. So, people of Chiniot went there to get employed and they were given opportunity to prove themselves. Preparation of Bagghi demand skills and in depth knowledge, because it’s very technical to handle it, but the carpenters proved themselves. It is written in history that it was so beautiful even the Lord was unable to recognize between his imported Bagghi from England and the Chinioti Bagghi.

Chinioti furniture now becomes a Hi profile business and Pakistan feels proud to export furniture all across the world.  Apart from furniture there are carved windows and doors etc in Pakistani houses and offices.  They make use of different material and introduced a new technique named as “Geometrical Patterns” in which tiny parts of wood are joined together these are widely used for building decorations.

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