Chitral- Blessed with Beautiul Sceneries

Chitraal, is so beautiful, famous, and outstanding for visiting lovers because of the natural beauties. On the distance of 322 kilometer from Peshawar, chitral is an ancient and surrounds with the beautiful mountains in northern area of the Pakisan.

Beautiful Chitral


Chitral is the home for the Green valleys, glorious majestic mountains, glaciers that throughout covered with the snow-capped peaks included highest mountain that is of 7706m in Hindukush mountain range. It is the district of two sub divisions are Chitral and Mustaj. Lower and upper chitral have different climate, the lower chitraal is with near Alpine like climate and upper chitral has blessed with glaciers and arid lands. The different climate and facilitating weather of this region provide good trekking and trout fishing along with the overflowing rivers and streams. The Kafir Kalash because having their own culture, distinct and different way of life, so the foreign visitors are need to get permission and registered from the district administration of the city for visiting here.






Lowari pass with 3200m height that is the only boundry line between the two cities chitral and Dir. Lowari pass closed due to heavy snow fall between the month of November and April, this is the only land routes to chtiral via Dir. Government has to plan the idea to build underway an all weather tunnel that easily passing through this mighty pass.


Lowari pass

Kalash Valley is all over ruled by the ancient Kalash tribe that is over the centuries sustained their own culture, religion, and distinct customs. The Kalash community has three other separate valleys included Bumburet, Rambur and Birir. This tribe has their own annual festivels that they celebrated regularly, the colorful events during which both men and women perform dances and celebrate their all favorite events with excitedly and enthusiastically. The famous festival and events that commonly celebrated here are

  • Phool
  • Chawas
  • Chilamjusht
  • Utchal

Chitraal’s most fascinating other thing is Garam Chasma(Hot spring), this is also the village name in which these Hot spring exists. The beautiful and natural hot springs because of full of sulpher element so these are famous for the recovery from the headache, healing effects on skin ailments and pains.


Garam Chashma (chitral)






The deputy commissioner of Chitral Mr.Shakil Durrani gave the proposal of such an historical site. For preserving the ancient and old history of Chitral, the archeology and Ethonology Museum introduced at Polo Groung. In this museum you can observe glimpses of ancient heritage, historical articles, mainly of the Kalash velly antiquity.

Museum of chitral