Chorpai culture in Pakistan


The culture of Pakistan is so colorful in its beauty and very impressive as well. The music, food, clothing, festivals and the life style of the people are all the ingredients that make a cultural society. Pakistan has a unique culture of her own. In the life style of Pakistani people the use of Chorpai is very common. Chorpai is a traditional bed used all over Pakistan but mostly in villages it is used. It is a kind of bed use to take rest and for sitting. In villages guests are also offered with Chorpai to make them sit.

This traditional Pakistani bed is not used only in villages rather in cities even it can be seen in almost all the houses but there it is not used very frequently for rest or sitting as the modern style furniture including beds and sofas are more popular in cities but still the importance of Chorpai in Pakistani houses is always felt so people keep it with them.

Chorpai is mostly made of jute or palm and date leaves .It has four legs mostly made up of wood and painted in different beautiful colors. Now a days the Chorpais are made in new designs and styles .They are not made of wood only rather iron made Chorpais are also in fashion now a days.

Chorpai reminds us the culture of Pakistan in villages and most particularly the Punjabi culture where in evening people sit under the tree on Chorpai after a whole day hard work. The important issues and problems are discussed .Unlike cities where the guests are offers sofas and chairs to sit in village everybody sits or rests on Chorpai however big in rank he is.

The Chorpai culture in Pakistan is very popular now a day as it has become a symbol of village life of Pakistan. During British rule it was mostly kept in the shops for use but when Pakistan came into being the people of Pakistan kept using Chorpai in their houses and with the passage of time it became the part of their culture.

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