Classic Brass and Copper Ware

Metals have always been very important to human kind. Metals are used in making furniture, construction of buildings, vehicles and other household utensils. Precious metal such as gold is used in jewelry making. They are good conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, some of the metals are used to make cookware.

Brass is a mixture of Zinc and Copper. Copper is used as a base metal because it can be oxidized easily. It has a very high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is used in making different items like clocks, cutlery, sculptures, utensils or pots for the storage of water. In old day, copper and brass ware were used widely. People used to have big utensils and cookware of brass or copper. They use these utensils in their day to day life.

Asian people, especially people from India and Pakistan used to store their kitchen items such as pulses and flour in big containers made of brass. As now, stainless steel and aluminum have confined the use of Brass and Copper for only traditional kitchens, but now they are regaining their demand in the market. For many generations, cookware made from copper and brass have been tried and tested. These wares are considered as classic utensils. On a par, if newer models of titanium or aluminum ware are coming in market, still many people prefer to use copper cookware.

Maintaining the copper or brassware is also a complex thing. But with the things available at your home, you can easily accomplish that task. To clean Brassware, you need to a fill a tub with warm water and add pieces of soap or liquid soap in it. Allow your brass items to stay in this mixture for a while, then wipe and dry them with dry cloth and see the result that how your brassware will regain their glow.