Clay products- cultural heritage

clay art

The skill of forming different things from clay always remained us of over cultural heritage and this art is proudly practiced in all most all provinces. Clay is the natural mineral and is dug and extracted from earth having the chemical properties and composition that allow it to mold in any style and shape that is demanded. Things made of clay are named as pottery and are used for various reasons such as home décor, crockery and for many other reasons.

In Pakistan central and southern Punjab is the centre of pottery. Blue pottery is most famous among it and is the specialty of Multan it is also known as Kashi work.  Besides Multan, clay work is also experienced in other areas of the country including Peshawar. Arts and crafts institutions are working in several cities and have hundreds of students enrolled and are busy in making outstanding clay products. This art is dominated by men in Pakistan since years. But, now women are also working with great passion and are participating equally with men.

Kashi work

These days paper clay is used for clay products and is gaining popularity not only in Pakistan but stands internationally as well. Paper also lessens the water content of clay making it less prone to breakages and damages. Things are changing with passage of time and now clay products are made with stoneware, earthenware and porcelain. Porcelain work is also known as chinaware. These products are also exported to foreign countries and are gifted to loved ones all across the world.