Colorful wedding in Pakistan


Pakistani wedding celebrations are very colorful and enchanting. Mayoon, mehandi, nikha, barat, rukhsati and then valeema are the main functions of wedding and are celebrated with great zeal and zest. The first function is mayoon which is celebrated a week before the other three functions. After mayoon the three functions are celebrated and start with mehandi.

Mehandi: the second most important day and function of celebration. This day is celebrated with dances and singing, what is the difference between Myaoon and Mehandi, mayoon is the day of uppton and mehandi is the day of henna, mahandi. On this day all the family members apply mehandi to bride and groom’s hands and bride also tattooed her hands and feet with beautiful and complicated designs of mahandi. It may be a combine function on this day groom’s family deliver the dress, shoes and jewelry of the barat day to bride and bride’s family also give grooms wedding day dress to his family.


Shadi and Nikah: shadi is the main day it is the day of ceremony and also paperwork day and formally wedding is signed a Nikah. Red is the special color of this day and a very luxurious dinner will be served on this day by the bride’s family. The designs and beauty of the dress and other preparations of a bride show the importance of this day. After, nikah guest will served with dinner and after it the time of sadness for the bride’s family a time of rukhsati. Then Groom takes bride to his house.

Valeema: valeema is the fourth day of wedding celebrations. On this day groom’s family invite bride’s family on dinner. This is being hosted by the newlyweds. In this function groom’s family is host and bride’s family is guest, bride and groom also mingle together with all the guests throughout the dinner. In every region there are some variations in their rituals, customs and traditions but the main theme of wedding is same everywhere.

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