Common ride in Pakistan-rakshaw

The other cultural transport in Pakistan is Rakshaw because a large community does not have their personal transport and they need to use such kind of vehicles. It is not possible to remove all the animals from street so some of Pakistani heads thinks to transform these carriages into an example of heritage and cultural. These carts owners have their permits to move these carts in the streets. In Pakistan there is a very strong tradition of adorning these rakshaws in innovative and beautiful designs. It is a two stroke motorized form of the carriage and is used for carrying goods and passengers. People from abroad in Pakistan also familiar with rakshwa all the rakhsaw drivers do not like paintings and different decorations on their cart but decorating them is an art in Pakistan and most of the people like it. This is also the best way to attract customers and the decoration also gives a good look to your vehicle. In Pakistan rakshaw is the sign of Pakistan development because in Bangladesh still human drag their rakshaws.

Truck drivers in Pakistan are very interested in decorating their trucks they use different styles and themes to decorate their trucks, these decorations also reflect the truck driver personalities.