Crafts produced in the rural areas

The center of economy of Pakistan is Punjab. Punjab is the major manufacturing industry in Pakistan economy. Due to this reason art and craft in Pakistan and in the surroundings of Pakistan is always of a very high quality, beautiful and elegant. In Punjab arts and crafts are divided into two distinct forms and one is.

Crafts produced in rural areas: the main crafts created in the highlands and other rural areas of Punjab are basketry, pottery, textile, embroidery and other wood works. In the rural areas the weavers produces colorful cloths like cotton and silk. Cloth woven on handlooms with stunning prints is embroidered in the rural areas. In the rural areas pottery products are produced and these pottery products are famous for their modern, glamourous and traditional designs all over the world and are included in the best formations of Punjabis. In pottery the modern designs are created through paintings by fire and some other particular process to make sure that these products are traditional but also give you a modern look. It is common practice to see blue glazed pottery of Pakistan that has its origin from Persian persuade and are produced very beautifully in rural areas of Pakistan. On the other hand chiniot In Punjab is the center of woodcarving. But in Lahore there are also some famous wood carvers most of the artistic products produced in Gujrat and Chiniot. Wood imprinted furniture with iron and brass decorative are the additional beautiful furniture in the Pakistani furniture.