Cultural Aspects of Multan

Culture of specific region is the unique identification anywhere in the world. Pakistan is the country with diversified numerous cultures. Studying culture and analyzing it, has reserve great attraction, you may encounter very interesting cultural elements and aspects of a region.
The cultural element I found there women are working in fields as well as in their homes. Multan is famous for its embroidery on shaffon and cotton fabrics. This all is done by women in home. Stylish and chic embroider dresses are the famous and popular cultural element of multan city. Handmade pieces of multani karahi are also export to the western world and being admired by the foreigners.
Multan city has rich cultural element, you cannot even mention them in one writing. A foot wear localy known as “Khusa” is traditional element, it also represents culture of Multan. It is made up of leather or sometimes Rexene. It is crafted with beautiful thread which is golden in color, it is high quality thread.
It is normally worn with loose cloth namely “Laccha” or “Tahband” in rural areas. Male gentry in rural areas of Multan is not use to wear normal “Shalwar Qames” . In urban areas of the city, people like wearing “Khusa” with Shalwar Suits. In multan males are used to wearing colorful laacha and it has lined pattern.
“Derra” culture in Multan has ancient roots and still prevailing. Derra is place, where people gathered after completing their routine tasks and have chit chat with each other. The culture like derra brings people together, where they share problems of life, happy events of life which ultimately turns them to care each other. This develops positive sense of attraction and makes them civilized citizens. Positive cultural elements and their promotion has great role in building nations peaceful.