Cultural festivals of Hunza Valley

Following are the cultural festivals that are celebrated in the Hunza Valley.

Bophaw: this festival is celebrated in the Hunza valley since Mirs time, this festival is about sowing. In the Mirs time the custom was little more interesting when all the areas of the Hunza region gather at the Mirs darbar and celebrate this event. One of the major tribe of the Hunza valley Diramiting, a person from this tribe starts this event by sowing in the field. At the end food was distributed, on the local tunes people from all over the hunza dance on the festival. Dirmiting tribe’s people have the honor to start the event by sowing.

Ginani: in end of the June this festival is celebrated this is the time when crop is ready to harvest. This festival is known as ganon in Gilgat and Ginani in Hunza. The main feature of this event is the traditional food; on this festival the guardians of the family goes to field and bring some wheat straws that are peeled. Grains are mixed in the local yogurt and served with the special food known as Dhirum Phitee and also shared with the families in the surroundings. Ginan festival history is bit old; this festival is celebrated in Hunza with great zeal and zest.

Garukus: before Bofow and after Thomoshaling festival this festival is celebrated in the Hunza valley to welcome the spring season. With the traditional food the heads and feet of the slaughter animals are cooked in this event.