Cultural Heritage of Pakistan

                                                           The land in which the Islamic Republic of Pakistan can be found today have been a chair of world’s leading Cultures in the since the beginning. There’s lots of evidence in the pre-historic and historic period to aid this argument, e.g. fossil jaws of apes, circa 14 million years of age found from Pothohar. They fit in with a species named “Sivapithecus Pakininsis”, stated to become the ancestor of Guy. A Couple million years of age earliest stone hands axe. Now displayed in Islamabad Museum, Islamabad.

The legacy in our forerunners during the time of our independence, on August 14, 1947, found us like a treasure which might be known as as Pakistan’s national heritage. So wealthy and varied is heritage that Pakistani nation can are proud of its glorious past, be Islamic, Publish Islamic or pre-Islamic period dating back to pre-historic occasions. Not one other country around the globe can make the treasure of by gone days as are available in Pakistan. It’s now incumbent here to treasure our national heritage and save it from further degeneration and thievery.

The establishment of NFCH is a lot appreciated along with great interest rates are proven by everyone hence since its establishment in 1994 100s of plans was received from different agencies and people for that conservation, upkeep and publication from the Pakistan’s national heritage. It’s wished by using the ongoing patronage from the government, the Philanthropists and also the World of Business towards the NFCH we shall have the ability to attain the aforesaid goal.

The Cultural Heritage of Pakistan is spread within the centuries, beginning from pre-historic occasions to the current day and which might be made clear within the following periods:

Indus Civilization, Gandhara Civilization, Islamic Period, Sikh Period, British Period, Post independence Period.


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