Cultural of Baluchistan

Cultural backgrounds of Baluchistan portray a variety of tribal groups. Despite the fact that people address different languages, there is a resemblance in their writing, viewpoint, ethical array and also in their traditions and customs at the place where they are living. The main organized factor among all of them is religion which provides a foundation for unity faith and discipline and in other words we may say there is a common social order. The all three tribes of Baluchistan including Brahvi, Pashtoon and Balochi are very famous and generally known for their hospitality in their area. The person of these tribes considers the guests as the blessing of Almighty Allah. Visitor is treated is held in high regard and considered a blessing from God. Better off people even slaughter sheep or goat for their guest. On occasion, it so happens that somewhere there are extra houses, the guest is understood to be the guest of the entire rural community. This open and warmth heartedness is the loving attribute of the tribal community and is not as profound in the people of the city and town. So the Balochi are hospital and lovely people they have love in their hearts and they are so soft and cool like the winters of Quetta and Ziarat.
One more gorgeous characteristic of Baluchistan culture is realism, sincerity and faithfulness in all associations. We may say that there is no place or respect or there should be no place or respect for disloyal and dishonest community in widespread ethical array. If loyalty is reciprocal with unfaithfulness or duplicity it is never gone. The men of Baluchistan usually wear loose shalwar and knee long shirts and this dress in known as turban. The women of Baluchistan usually wear a big dopata or chaadar on embroidery on it.