Cultural review of wedding ceremonies of Phakhtoon

Phakhtoon wedding customs are different but not too much. Traditional marriage is held on large scales whether male marriage or female marriage. Phakhtoon marriage gives color of pathans culture. In planktons marriages lunch or dinner is given to whole relative and neighbors. Other functions are also held on large scale. Bride gets mehndi on her hands and feet. Special dance and songs are sung by ladies in Pakhtoo. Special dance is known as Attar held on night before nikha. Before nikha Sehrabandi is done by groom sisters. Then nikha is done in which bride and groom accept each other. And then sweets and fruits are served by bridal family. After nikha jota chupai ceremony is held that is bridal sisters steal groom’s shoes and demand for money. Then rukhsti function is held in which grooms family take over the bride. And last function is Walima which is held in groom home. And bridal family is invited. In planktons marriages bride is decorated with heavy gold jewelers and some are special like long necklaces and bindhia. And wear usually ghagra and frocks with heavy embroidery. And usually red and maroon color is common for bridal dress on rukhsti function. And on Walima also heavy jewelers is wearing but given by in laws. And usually wear light colors. And groom wear turban and loose shalwar with kameez. Food is important part of wedding. Special food is served in planktons marriages like qabli pulao, pulao with mutton. Special sweets are also served. Phakhtoons are hospitable as well they serve their guests open heartedly. Pathans marriages are held normally in their own homes like in hujras and some held in open lands covered with tents. The concept of marriage halls and lagoons has not touched the Phakhtoon culture yet.