Culture of Kalash Valley

Chitral, the greatest district in the KPK, is really a assign the beautiful area where people present soft-spoken gesture and hospitality.  One of the main sights of Chitral, might be the famous Kalash valley (this contain valley of Birir, Rumbur, and Bumburet) – home of the Kafir-Kalash or “Wearers in the Black Robes” a primitive strange tribe. The Kalash are ancient tribe where you can religion and culture that goes for them, their culture is different besides to amazing one. Tourist from around the world come here to find out their natural beauty and diverse culture. Their ancestry is encircled in mystery the issue of dialogue. Tales states that specific General Salik shah, who was simply referred to as with the Greek as General Selefuous with five soldiers in lots of Alexander of Macedonia, settled in Chitral and so are the progenitors in the Kafir Kalash. Kalash people live in the valley of Birir, Bumburet and Rambur, south of Chitral while Bumburet, the greatest as well as the most attractive valley in the Kefir-Kalash, Birir and Rambur sit far of 34 and 40 km s correspondingly from Chitral.  Kalash culture is an extraordinarily unique culture in the world and contains their particular identity. Their existence-style is much different from the areas of Chitral.  There’s centuries’ old tradition and culture together with a genuine attraction for your local additionally to foreign travelers.  The Kalash certainly is a friendly and cheerful bunch that love music and dancing, particularly by themselves religious festivals like Joshi Chilimjusht being kept in the mid of December. Polo is regarded as the popular sport of Chitral plus it holds similar importance one of the Chitral & Gilgit populations. Polo matches are excellent sights and festive occasions for individuals travelers. An ordinary Polo tournament might be the main feature. Polo at roof-top (Shandur) is held every year inside the first week of the summer time at Shandur.