Culture review of Qila Abdullah

Qila Abdullah is a name of fort in Balochistan.  It was given named after the Sardar Abdullah Khan Achakzai who was a great personality.  Qila Abdullah was placed at the foothill of Shela Bagh mountain range.  It is linked with pishin district, Quetta district, and Afghanistan. In 1993 it was a part of pishin but gets separated due to some issues. Now its total area is 5,264 km, and population rate is 50,000 to 100,000. Qila Abdullah is a great mountainous place for tourist as well. Because there is a different places to visit as khojak tunnel which is long railway tunnel linked with Pak Afghan border. This tunnel was built in 1891. People visit Qila Abdullah must visit the khojak tunnel. Other famous place of Qila Abdullah is Gulistan which is a town located in south of border of Afghanistan. Gulistan have major railway stations. Which follow the track of Kandhar and Baluchistan. Gulistan is famous for as a trade point in Balochistan. Football and Chaman famed is famous game of Gulistan over country.  Dobandi is another great place of Qila Abdullah. It is famous for its beautiful sightseeing. It is a town and has special position in Qila Abdullah. It is also a picnic spot and amazing sight to spending holidays.

In Qila Abdullah Achakzai tribe is present. It is a primary home for this tribe.  Qila Abdullah is covered with sediments of alluvial which are composition of clay and sand.  And its climate is dry and warm.  Soil is best for growing vegetables and fruits, peaches, plums, cherries, and apples. In vegetables onion, potato, and tomato are famous productions. People have their lands for agriculture. Therefore their literacy rate is 56%.

It is a beautiful place but development is required to establish it more because its soil is fertile, people are hardworking, and also a trading point.