Culture Street: Food Street of Gawalmandi Lahore

“Gawalmandi Food Street” is one of the cultural centres of Pakistan. It truly depicts the food habits of people of Lahore and their craze for quality and variety of food. This food street presents a huge range from snacks and beverages to main course dishes and desserts. All the cuisine is very cheap, yet delicious enough to water one’s mouth just by thinking of it.

As you enter into this street, you will be amazed by the tall historical buildings on your both sides that are beautifully decorated by multi coloured charming lights. The old buildings of this market with beautiful windows and marvelously carved wood exterior stand there to catch your eyes as an example of kashmiri and Persian architecture.

All the shops are evenly managed on both sides of the street. Chairs and tables are accurately arranged on the street and sales man give warm welcome to every visitor and eater. I am sure; this place has enough variety of food to treat everybody’s taste buds. You can enjoy Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Siri Paye, Nihari, Lassi, kheer, Lahori Churgha, Seikh Kabab, Karahi, Haleem, Halwa Pori and Chana, Rus Malai, Tawa Fish, Fry Fish, special Roghni Nan, Gol Guppay, and many more.

Gawalmandi Food Street is a heaven for food lovers. It is also said that Lahore never sleeps and this food street really makes it true. You can get your meal round the clock from this food street.