Dhol- a traditional tool of music

Dhol is a cultural and traditional tool of Pakistani music. In Pakistan from ancient time this traditional and typical music tool is in fashion. At any occasion like wedding, engagement, winnings, achievements, success, Dhol is there to add more excitement and enthusiasm to your happiness. Dhols are available in different sizes and designs. Many people on weddings use to beat themselves, however, there are some professional Dholly’s with exceptional skills. In fact, dhol is a thing which makes your occasion more power full and fun full. When it comes to celebrations, the main item of these is Dhol.

Dhol is a very important item of Pakistani culture and you will find it almost every where and in gatherings. In Pakistan Urs of famous poets and Sufi’s are incomplete without dhol. People and lovers perform some special types of dances like bhangra, luddi with the beat of dhol. In Pakistan there are four main cultures like Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pukhtoons and all are having some different cultural priorities, however, dhol is acommon element which you will find equally popular in all the four cultures of Pakistan. Male, females and even children are also enjoying the heart touching beats of Dhol and celebrate their best moments with full enthusiasm.

Few decades ago, during the month of Ramadan, A dholi was there who used his dhol to awaken people at the time of Sehri. With the passage of time this old tradition is almost going to finish but there are still some villages where people are still following the old rituals of rousing up for sehri. There is no doubt that dhol is a very simple but amazing music tool. In Pakistan there are still certain occasions which seem to be incomplete without dhol like Basant, Urs, wedding and especially mehendi function, winning in any sport and many more.