Different forms of Bhangra

BhangraBhangra is one of the popular dance forms and is the combination of different dance styles from various parts of Punjab region. In today’s modern era Bhangra refers to different mode of arts and dances including Jhumar, Gidha, Luddi and Julli. These bhangra forms are deeply embedded in Punjabi culture and women in various wedding occasions perform some of them like luddi, Jhumar and Kidda.

Jhumar is a part of the Punjab heritage and has origination from Sandalbar. It is very interesting dance form and consists of explicit Jhumar rhythm. All the dancers made a circle around the drummer during singing sweet and soft chorus.

Luddi is another emerging Bhangra form in which a group of people use to dance together mostly wearing plain loose shirt and pitala shalwar or pajama. Like Jhumar, Luddi players also dance around the drum player.

Another exuberant dance form of women is called Giddah. Dancers performed enact phrases called bolis, which consists of variety of subjects and is in argument with everything from brother in law to political affairs. Rhythm for this dance form depends not only on drummer’s music but also on the handclaps of the crowd and dancer.


Julli is the dance form mostly associated with men of Muslims called Pirs and is basically executed in their Hermitages. In this dance form all the dancers dressed in black kurtas and perform the julli on their seats in sitting postures and are often performed around the graves or mausoleums of the saints. Death anniversaries of saints are usually celebrated in Punjab regions and julli is performed by men on the mausoleums with a sweet chorus of drum and other instruments.