Different Religions in Pakistani culture

Pakistan exists on the world map as an independent Muslim country. Though being a Muslims state the majority of inhabitants are Muslim but there are the followers of other religions as well who are enjoying their lives in full liberty while living in Pakistan.

As far the Muslims they celebrate all their religious festival with real enthusiasm and liberty. They are spread in all the areas of Pakistan while the other religions are living in the specific parts of the country.

In the constitution of 1973 it is admitted that the minorities in Pakistan will be given their due respect and their rights will be protected. After a large Muslim community the second most commonly followed religion in Pakistanis Christianity .The Christian population is mostly spread in the Punjab province. They celebrate the Easter and Charismas with full zeal and zest. Muslims also share their happy moments and do not discriminate themselves from the minorities.

Judaism is another religion followed by a very small number of people in Pakistan. Mostly the followers of this religion live is Karachi and their rights are all protected.

Buddhism also finds its strong roots in the land of Pakistan .The famous city Taxila in Pakistan is well known for having signs and sculptures of ancient Buddhist empire .The city of Taxila receives thousand of tourists every year who are interested to study the history of Buddhism in Pakistan.

There is another religion known as Kalash religion and its population is living in Chitraal and its surrounding areas. The Kalash people have culture of their own and they practice their customs freely.

Hinduism also exists in Pakistan .Though there is a small population following Hinduism but still there is no incident in which Hindus are reported to be deprived of their religious freedom.

In short it can be said that in Pakistan a variety of religions are followed and they are enjoying themselves for being the part of Pakistan.