Different types of Pakistani handicrafts

Pakistani culture is very rich in Handicrafts and these handicrafts have very glorious history from years. Pakistan people have maintained their traditional of making unique handicrafts ornament that are famous all over the world and are in high demand around the globe. Pakistani handicrafts include different things like pottery, carpets, and textile, furniture, jewelry and leather goods.

Furniture: Pakistani furniture is popular all over the world, because of its beautiful and unique designs. The longitudinal cross grains solid wood known as Rosewood. In the northern areas it is present in the form of thick jungles the approximate life of these tress are 60- 100 years. This wood is only available in Pakistan in the Asia. Although there are some of the best Rosewood in the world but no one can find solid cross grain that are on the wood in luminous blow. Such furniture is popular all over the world for its uniqueness and beauty.

Leather good and jewelry: Pakistani metal work consist of sword, dishes, boxes and tea sets made from gold and silver, and Pakistani jewelry with precious pearls and stones are the most important and famous craft work of the Pakistani handicraft. Jewelry items are not limited to rings, bracelets, and necklaces but also consist of forehead and hair decorations and nose ornaments. Basketry and leatherwork are also an important part of the Pakistani crafts. Baskets of Sindh are colorful and beautiful while people in northern frontier prefer geometric pattern.

Brass, wood crafts and onyx:  the handicrafts beautified with onyx, brass and wood are famous to maintain the high traditions of handicrafts from 1994 in Pakistan and perfectly shows the value of the product. The art work on wood items and metals are the true beauties of hardworking Pakistani craftsman. Diligent craftsman manufacture these items in small villages and are sold in big cities, it includes frames, mirror and different decoration pieces.

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