Districts of Sindh Pakistan



The districts of sindh Pakistan are 23 total in number. These districts have sindhi culture, and full of colors totally representatives of it.

These districts are mentioned below with some of their description.


Karachi is the capital of the sindh province, the major and largest city for importing and exporting seaport also the main and larger financial source for Pakistan. Karachi is the largest city in terms of population, the estimated population of Karachi is 13 to 15 million.


Jamshoro is the city located in jamshoro district. It is located near to the Indus River.  Jamshoro have the importance as historical point of view as well as it is the home place for the highly educated people. Also the University of Sindh, Mehran University of Engeenerng and Technology and Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences are present here, that produces large numbers of doctors, engeeners and many respectable profeesionals per year.


Thatta is the city located in Thatta district. which have the population of 1,113,194 with included 11.21% urban area. It is situated to the boundry of the Kori Creek.


Badin is the district situated in the province of Sindh Pakistan. The total population of the district is 6,726 square kilometers. In 1998 according to the census of Pakistan the total population of the area was 1,136,636 included 16.42% urban.


Tharparkar district has the lowest population among the all districts of sindh. Muslim contributes 70% and hindus are 30% of the total population. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Hindus were 80% and the Muslims were 20% of the total population.


 Umerkot the name was keeping behind the name of famous king umer soomro. Also the name mentioned on the name of town behind the other ruler name Umerkot Rana Amer Singh and became “Amerkot”.

Once, it was the capital of Greater Sindh and became famous during the Mughal and Empire raj.

Mirpur khas:

 Mirpur Khas is one of the districts of sindh. It had a population of 1,569,030 according to the census of 1998. Sindhi language is usually spoken here but also the use of urdu language.

Naushahro Feroze:

Naushahro Feroze District situated in the province of sindh Pakistan. It is further subdivided into 5 tehsils included 51 union Councils. The 1989 census of Pakistan reported the population of 8,987,658 included 17.32% urban.


Hyderabad district situated in sindh. The district has a 5 million of population included 60.7% urban area. The Kirthar National Park is the famous park in Hyderabad district.

It is the largest District of Sindh.  Agriculture is the main source of income of this district.


Ghotki is the district of sindh Pakistan which have the population of 970,549 included 15.69% Urban. The capital of the Ghotki is Mirpur Mathelo.


Shikarpur district included the districts of Sindh, the city of shikarpur is the capital. It is famous because of poets like saami, Bedal Masroor, and sheikh ayaz.


Jacobabad is a district of sindh has a population of 1,425,572 included 10 percent of Urban, according to the census of 1998. City of Jacobabad is the capital of the district.The people related to different religions live their lives here in the city included Islam 96.30%, Hinduism 3.56%, Christianity 0.06%, Ahmaddiya 0.04% and others 0.04%.


Sukkar is the district in sindh province of Pakistan.  It has the specialty of mostly engaging in agriculture and fishing industry. The district divided into 4 tehsils name Sukkur, Rohri Saleh Pat and Pano Aqil. Sukkar has moderate and increases its population over time approximately from 200,000 to 2 to 2.5% per year.


Koshmo is a district of sindh Pakistan. The capital city kashmore have population of 312,500. Kashmore has four tehsils included Tangwani, kandhkot, kashmore and Karim pur kashmore.

Koshmo is the largest district in Asia that producing rice. The languages spoken in this district are Sindhi, Saraiki and balochi.

Other Districts:

Other districts included Khairpur,Mitiari,Larkana,Qambar Shahdadkot,Dadu, Benazirabad,Sanghar, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Allahyar.

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