Donkey Race

Donkey Cart Race

An important sport which is considered as a cultural activity and has been held in Karachi since many years, Karachi is very famous for its rich traditional history and divers’ cultural activities like donkey cart races. It is a kind of different sport for both the participants and viewers. This sport is famous from the time when roman chariot races were famous in which a four wheeled cart dragged by group of onagers but now we have Donkey cart racing which is held in the old city of Karachi, it is its cultural sports.

The Donkey cart race is held in the Lyari Karachi and is very cheerful during the race. The donkeys used in this race are usually expensive and are young. 25 – 30 players can participate in this race. An area of seven kilometers needs to be covered by each participant. The most interesting and unique thing about this race is that each participant either he finished the line or not will be awarded 5000 Rs. Poor people cannot have enough time or money to take part in entertainment but this race give them  an inexpensive chance to participate and refresh the cultural and historical event of the  city.

Donkey Cart RaceThis race is also a source to keep human determine, they can share friendly spirit; also promote generosity by distributing free gifts among the viewers at the end of the sport. It is also the best way to promote an old cultural not only of Karachi but also of Pakistan.

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