Eating Habits In Pakistan-Yummy Too Tasty!

The society of Pakistan is basically multicultural and multilingual. Pakistani culture rotates around the Islam religion that teaches every existing human being on the planet the lesson of equality. Pakistani people are very food loving and their cuisine having a lot of chilies and oil. Mostly beef and chicken are used in Pakistani dishes. Due to Islamic culture, they don’t use pork in their dishes as it is not allowed in their religion. Generally, almost repeatedly they make “Chapattis” which also known as “Roti” with flour to eat. They also use a wide variety of vegetables and curries only and with meat in several dishes. They also used yogurt a lot while cooking.

Pakistani people go out with their families in the evening to try new Cafés and restaurants. They love to drink tea, coffee and milk there. All Pakistani and western cuisines cooked in their restaurants and cafes. High tea is much preferred evening snack with the whole family. High tea includes French fries, pakoras, samosas, chicken rolls, patties, pastries, etc. women and girls can make all this stuff at home, or you can buy that from any bakery. Samosas sound like very delicious and yummy snacks, which are in triangular shape and are stuffed with minced meat or mixed vegetables or with potatoes and cooked by pie fried in oil. Pakoras are made by mixing dredged vegetables in flour and then by deep frying this snack is ready to serve it hot.


Although, cuisines of all regions may differ from each other but their eating habits stay same. To eat everything with the right hand is compulsory. In villages or backward areas generally utensils are not used. The most essential thing is that you must finish your plate meal as people of Pakistan respect their food. It is in their religion Islam to respect and value the food as it is the blessing of God to them, and if they don’t respect the food they will be punished on the Day of Judgment.

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and in Islam, it is compulsory to fast daily. This month lasts twenty nine or thirty days. In this month Muslims refrain from smoking, drinking, eating and sex during the fast and are intended to teach others about God submissiveness, spirituality, humility and patience. The fast begins from the dawn and ends with the sunset. For non Muslim persons it is essential during Ramazan do not eat in front of any fasting Muslim. In this month of fasting Muslims make a variety of dishes for the evening meals known as Iftar.  The whole family gathers at one place to break their fast with the cooked meal at iftar timing.

At the end of Ramadan the festival occurred is known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is the festival of fast breaking and is a very important Islamic celebration occasion. On this colorful festival Muslims can must make sweet in their cuisine and go with their families for fun and enjoyment and also visit their relatives and friends.