Eid-ul-Fitr Presents & Gifts

Eid-ul-Fitr is the occasion when the Muslim man and women all across the globe convey their best wishes to their beloved friends and family members including relatives. There is also a tradition of sending gifts and presents to them to let some light in their occasion and to fetch smiles on their faces.

Thoughts for the gifts for Eid-ul-Fitr are vast in number. In Pakistan, it is a tradition which is common in practice. People belonging to every age group are so keen to become a part of this tradition.

Spiritual, religious and holy books and CDs are presented as Eid’s gift. Along with being a gift, it also serves to help the dear ones to offer prayers to Allah.

Floral gifts are also presented having bunches of roses of pink, white and red color.

Gift baskets are also given having the fruit cakes, dates, hazelnuts, cherries, salted pistachio, walnuts and other nuts.

Sweets, halwas and certain other sweet dishes are also offered to increase the sweetness among the fellows.

Eid is a tradition to celebrate with full of zeal, so most of the time, girls wear shararas and lehengas while guys wear particularly kurtas and sherwanis. So these trendy cloths are also gifted which also play role in conserving the culture.

Canvas of art can also be generated on some wooden or metal frame which can effortlessly be hung as a decorative item or can be embellished as a show-piece.

In some families, it is a trend to gift the memorable photograph or to frame the picture of Eid’s moon which is then gifted.

Monetary or eidi is also given by the elder members of the family to their younger, which is sometimes kept in an envelope and then handed over to the kids.

Certain other gifts include some jewelry or the home decor items.