Entertainment Sources in Pakistan

Throughout the world every country, every society and every culture has its own way to entertain them. Music and films are important part of entertainment. In Pakistan, music and films are very popular among the people. Almost all kinds of Music is heard and enjoyed by the people whether it is in their national language Urdu, regional languages or an English music.

None of the celebrations of Pakistan can be completed without music.

As far films industry is concerned the Indian movies are also seen and liked by the people in Pakistan and is easily available in Pakistan. Pakistan has also her own film industry, known as Lollywood. There are many folk and pop singers in Pakistan who with their splendid work represent Pakistan on international forums and are known as the ambassadors of our culture and values.

In Pakistan, basant, marriages and gatherings and festivals are fully enjoyed by the people with loud music.

Qwalli is another genre of music, very much popular in Pakistan. It is a sort of mystic song. The ghazals are yet another popular form of music. Pakistani ghazal singers are known as the glowing stars around the world.  Mehdi Hassan is given the title “King of Ghazal” which is no doubt a big award for Pakistan.

In Pakistan people also love to watch stage dramas but the stage dramas are popular among a specific lot only.

The Punjabi movies in Pakistan represent the Pakistani culture. People like to watch them in cinemas.

As far music the pop and bhangra songs and singers themselves have no match around the globe. Abrar-ul-Haq, Jawad Ahmed are the well known pop and bhangra singers around the world.

Other then these famous songs and singers on marriage festivals girls also sing Punjabi songs on Dholki. This is an enjoyable event.


The T.V dramas of Pakistan are beyond the words to praise. They are popular where ever Urdu is spoken and understood by the people in the world. The CD,s and cassettes of these dramas are also sent to other countries in the world. The dramas of Pakistan all are reality based and represent the true picture of our society. The Pakistani actors, actresses and the performer are esteemed and respected by the people all over the world. The entertainment culture of Pakistan is really vast and versatile as well. It is fun to have a leisure time to enjoy them.